Designer Profile: Kori Webb

If you don’t know what UNT Design Works is, you’re missing out. Run by Union Marketing, Design Works is a print shop that prints large and small format specialty print jobs, as well as operates as a graphic design firm. Services are available to students, departments, and the public. Design Works produces a lot of really great designs (hence the name) so we would like to take some time to profile the excellent designers we have on staff not just because they’re awesome but so you can see their past work and find insight on their personal style, should you like to hire them.

kori's designer headshot 2

Kori Webb, INFP

  1.  Input
  2. Intelection
  3. Empathy
  4. Futuristic
  5. Individualization

“I guess that I like solving problems. The harder the problem, the more rewarding it is to find a solution. I like to kind of test my limits in that way, and there have been times where I’ve bit off more than I could chew, but I think it’s made me a stronger designer as a whole because I know exactly what I can and can’t do, and when and how to take risks.”


Sad Machine by Porter Robertson

You’re On by Madeon (feat. Kyan)

Under Stars by AURORA

Self Control by Frank Ocean


“Probably a cat. Because they sleep a lot, but also because they seem like very thoughtful animals, and you never really know what they’re thinking. They’re just doing their own thing, staring off into space and knocking cups off of tables.”


 “Fruit roll-ups. It’s not uncommon for me to go through an entire box when I’m particularly stumped on a project. It’s probably, definitely unhealthy.”


“Blue, specifically turquoise. I also really like pastels, like dusty pinks and pale yellows. Basically any color that’s kind of soft and muted and easy on the eyes. They’re so light and whimsical.”


“My Wacom tablet. Props to designers who can create awesome work with just a keyboard and mouse, because I can’t do it. I’m too illustrative.”


“Laptop, Wacom tablet, sketchbook, tracing paper, umbrella, earphones, and too many gel pens.”



“A writer. I love design and I’m very happy with the career I’ve chosen, but It’s been by dream to publish a novel since I was seven.”


“Currently FF DIN. It’s pretty versatile, clean, simple but with just the right amount of character to set it apart from default faces. I have a special hatred for Bleeding Cowboys. Not only is it objectively hideous, but I grew up in tiny East Texas town where everyone thought it was great, so I associate it with every barbecue joint within a 50 mile radius of my childhood home.”


It’s such an amazingly useful and important skill. Design has the power to persuade, teach, raise awareness, and inspire change. There are a lot of great ideas out there, and sometimes those ideas need a voice in the form of visual communication to help make them heard. I can use my skills to put clothes on those ideas and extend their reach and deepen their impact, which is pretty cool. That design is something I’m really passionate about and enjoy doing is even cooler.

You can follow Kori on Behance.

International Artists Day: Celebrating the Union Art Gallery

Nestled behind the Info Desk, on the second floor of the Union, is the Union Art Gallery. It’s a dim, quiet corner, intended to immerse those viewing and admiring the art. The Union Art Gallery has three objectives:

Showcase the creative endeavors & artistic output of the UNT student body.
Provide students, faculty, staff, alumni, and campus visitors with meaningful encounters with the visual arts.
Cultivate skills related to exhibition, curatorial, and preparator practices for UNT students.

In 2017 alone, the art gallery has featured nine different exhibitions, with their tenth on display this week. In honor of International Artists Day, we’re reflecting on the work that has been featured in our gallery this year.

Togetherness, presented by F.O.C.U.S (Fellowship of Christian University Students)

Artists of F.O.C.U.S had their work on display in the Union Art Gallery from the end of February to mid March.

Parallel Spaces, a collaboration of art

Parallel Spaces was on display from the end of March to mid April. The exhibition was a collection from artists such as: Hannah Aaron, Leah Flook, Michelle Green, Brandon McGahey, Mani Negarestan, Josh Reyes, and Eric Dickenson

Stranger Danger, by Austin Lewis

The art of Austin Lewis was on display in the gallery in April.

(if)yunomi, by Taylor Ponzo

According to BFA student Taylor Ponzo, “(if)yunomi is a play on words, representing both traditional Japanese teacup form and the phrase ‘If you know me.'” Ponzo displayed his pottery for a solo BFA exhibition, exemplifying the breadth and depth of his talent as a potter. This exhibition went from the end of April to mid May.

Raw, presented by Parallax

Raw was put together by 15 UNT student photographers in Parallax, the UNT student fine art photography club. Their art was in the gallery from the end of May to mid June. These 15 students include: Blair Blatter, Saryna Cedillo, Katherine Curry, Paige Downs, Ryan Ellibee, JayMee Hart, Hudson Ingram, Emma Lassiter, Austin Lewis, Dang Nquyen, Abby Pfaff, Alicia Porter, Evan Sheldon, Huy Tran, and Ruben Zamora.

Gender & Medium, curated by Annalisa Giannotti with the Denton Art Gallery

This exhibition was provided by the Denton Art Gallery and curated by art history student Annalisa Giannotti. It was on display this summer.


Lifeline, by Megan Rhoby Dale

Megan Rhoby Dale’s experiential display was in the gallery at the beginning of the fall semester, from the end of August to early September.

I Have My Mother’s Eyes, a collaboration of art

I Have My Mother’s Eyes was in the gallery from early to late September. It was a collaboration of work from artists such as: Mark Coleson, Eugenia (AO) Carmona, McCall Sowers, and Marianna Seaton.

Chiaroscuro, by Amy He & Sarah Barnett

“A spectrum of tension and drama,” the works of Amy He and Sarah Barnett were on display from the end of September to the beginning of October.

brand new in box, by Kirsten Angerbaur

According to Kirsten, the exhibit was a commentary on the new UNT College of Visual Arts and Design building and the construction takes over much of campus. “New CVAD building will be a significant improvement for future students; however, at what disadvantage to current students creative environment?” This exhibition was in the gallery from early to late October.

Up in the Union Art Gallery this week is Pedagogical Ruminations, a collaboration by Ellie Ivanova, Rory Parks, Monica Barrera, Yasmin Valdez, and James Own. In honor of International Artists Day, students should stop by the art gallery and admire the work of their peers.

Reception for Pedagogical Ruminations is today (10/25/17) from 4-6PM in the Union Art Gallery

Here is a look at the fall semester. The Union Art Gallery is looking forward to three exhibits to end the year with.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 11.06.10 AM

Not only does the gallery have some great exhibits to look forward to, but they are currently looking for spring exhibit submissions! If you’re an artist and student at the University of North Texas, you are eligible to submit your solo, curated, or collaborated proposal. You can look for more information on their website.

Happy International Artists Day!

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 10.59.27 AM

Designer Profile: Abby Caron

If you don’t know what UNT Design Works is, you’re missing out. Run by Union Marketing, Design Works is a print shop that prints large and small format specialty print jobs, as well as operates as a graphic design firm. Services are available to students, departments, and the public. Design Works produces a lot of really great designs (hence the name) so we would like to take some time to profile the excellent designers we have on staff not just because they’re awesome but so you can see their past work and find insight on their personal style, should you like to hire them.


Abby Caron, Senior Integrated Art and Design Major, INTP

Strengths Quest:

  1. Relator
  2. Empathy
  3. Intellection
  4. Developer
  5. Input

“I feel like I have a very open and inclusive personality, to where people come to me when they need help, encouragement, comfort, or even objective criticism. I have been told that I have a calming energy, and I’m typically more introverted and quiet but always open to love on people and tackle challenges and projects in the best way that I can.”

Designer Playlist:

  1. Play the Game by Beach House
  2. Late by Teen Daze
  3. Vanille fraise by L’Imperatrice
  4. Oh My God by A Tribe Called Quest
  5. Girl Like You by Toro y Moi
  6. All I Wanna Do by The Beach Boys
  7. I’d Rather Dance With You by Kings of Convenience

What is your spirit animal?
“I’ve always thought my spirit animal would be an otter, because they’re super chill and just float around all day and play and love on each other, but everyone else usually says I’m a flying squirrel or chinchilla or something. Probably because I’m small.”



What is your brain food?
“I have a huge thing for pretzels coated in pretty much anything. I love Barkthins Dark Chocolate because the chocolate and salty crunchiness of the pretzel are soooo good together, and the perfect snack to eat while working.”

What is your favorite color?
“My entire life is basically Pantone’s 2016 color pair, Rose Quartz and Serenity. I love rosy and mauve colors paired with light blue-greens. I’ve also become a sucker for more Valentine’s colors recently, like deep reds and pinks.”

What tools could you not design without?
“I definitely couldn’t live without tracing paper. It saves my life when I’m creating lettering and typography so I don’t have to re-do my sketches with every single revision. As far as my illustration goes, I use a Wacom tablet almost every day. I love learning more digital illustration techniques with Photoshop and Illustrator, I’m such a nerd for it all, and I’m always trying to be better.”

What’s in your bag?
“I always have some sort of sketchbook and pencil on me, whether a little Moleskine in my purse or a big one in my backpack. My laptop, planner, and a book (or multiple books) for pleasure are usually in my backpack. Oh, and HEADPHONES. Sometimes I’ll leave my place for school or work and forget my headphones, and it’s probably the worst feeling ever. I love a good tote bag, they’re just so easy. I always bring my favorite tote bag to work that says, “Dinosaurs eat man, Woman inherits the Earth.” It’s awesome.”

What would you be if you weren’t a graphic designer?
“From when I was little until like, my junior year of high school, I was positive that I was going to be a Marine Biologist or Animal Behaviorist. I love animals and have a lot of empathy for them. I would probably be working in animal conservation with marine life. Either that, or I would want to somehow work as an advocate for women who have been trafficked, abused, and oppressed. I have a huge passion for that kind of thing and making sure that these survivors know that they are worthy and loved. I still want to use my art and design skills to be a voice for women around the world that aren’t heard.”



What is your favorite typeface?
“The Gotham family is pretty solid, I’ve used it a lot throughout my jobs. It’s just simple and has lots of different variations, so I could probably design an entire brochure just using the Gotham family. I’m also a sucker for Futura, mostly because it’s Wes Anderson’s chosen typeface for his films!”

What is your favorite thing about being a designer?
“I love graphic design, and it’s like something that I can never escape. I notice everything. I love that I can create graphics that bring beauty and whimsy to normal settings that aren’t necessarily beautiful or whimsical. I feel like that’s my purpose in the world, to make the world a little bit more beautiful and fun so that people can better appreciate art and design.”

You can follow Abby on her website and her Behance.

Hunger Action Month: How to Help in Denton & at UNT

September is Hunger Action Month. If you’re interested in donating to your community and take action, then we have a list for you.

Here are different food pantries you can donate to or volunteer at for Hunger Action Month (and, hopefully, for many months after).

Denton Community Food Center

First Refuge Ministries

Denton Hunger Coalition

Little Free Pantries — Serve Denton

GracePointe Church

North Texas Food Bank

Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen

UNT Food Pantry

Donating is strongly encouraged! Volunteering would also be a great idea, especially if you’re seeking ways to gain community service hours or deepen your relationship with the Denton/UNT community. Either way, we hope you keep Hunger Action Month in mind during September! And, that it inspires you to make donations to local food pantries in the future.

Designer Profile: Kate Douglas

If you don’t know what UNT Design Works is, you’re missing out. Run by Union Marketing, Design Works is a print shop that prints large and small format specialty print jobs, as well as operates as a graphic design firm. Services are available to students, departments, and the public. Design Works produces a lot of really great designs (hence the name) so we would like to take some time to profile the excellent designers we have on staff not just because they’re awesome but so you can see their past work and find insight on their personal style, should you like to hire them.




  1. Includer
  2. Ideation
  3. Activator
  4. Positivity
  5. Adaptability

“My job as a designer is to make abstract and often complex information easy to understand.” – Kate Douglas


  1. Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin
  2. Snow (Hey Oh) by RHCP
  3. Cowboy Dan by Modest Mouse
  4. Fly by Sugar Ray
  5. Freeway by Flux Pavilion

“That’s a tough one. I usually go with classic rock most of the time, but I am stuck in the 90s, so Sublime, 311, Red Hot Chilli Peppers get me and the creative juices flowing. Upbeat usually.”


“I figured this out with Emma actually. It’s a Bowerbird. It’s a bird that collects blue things for its nest. It’s kind of obsessive about all things blue and makes this very pretty home for itself. I’m pretty OCD and like to nest and I’m pretty flighty too, so I feel like a bird is fitting.”


“Granola. Just granola, in general, it’s the easiest thing for me to snack on when I am doing stuff and doesn’t get my keyboard all messy and greasy. If it wasn’t for that, it would be fries.” 🍟


“Cerulean. It’s an ocean blue with a little bit of green in it. It’s one of my favorites. I also like coral-really orange coral, but with a little bit of red in it.”


“Pencil and paper for sure! That’s where I choose to smart all my things. I feel like if I don’t get it down on pencil and paper, then that my ideas don’t fully come together. That’s where I start. After that, definitely a Waccom tablet and obviously my computer, but definitely start with the pencil and paper.”


“Ooh inside my bag: my computer, my sketch book, a knife, my headphones, whip stuff, a carpal tunnel brace because I have carpal tunnel even though I’m 21, and gum for sure, and a tablet. I live out of my backpack, so it usually has a lot more things in it like clothes and stuff.”




“Ooh. I have always wanted to fly a helicopter. That would be really fun. Or a dive instructor. I would get my masters certification for scuba diving and just live somewhere and show everyone the local reefs.”


“One of my go to ones is Knockout just because there are a lot of styles, so it can either be very narrow and skinny or very fat and blocky, so it has a very good range. I find that to be a very useful font. Cooper Black. It’s what people iron on their t-shirts. It was very popular in the 70s and 80s and everyone thinks` that it’s outdated, but I really like the look of it. It’s very friendly and  I think it can say a lot and people don’t give it much credit, like Comic Sans, as they should.”


“I like being able to communicate ideas. My passion is to give people information that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them or it understandable. I like making complicated things less complication or making things more tangible for people, so taking big data and making charts and visual elements. That part is really our job [as graphic designers] to facilitate how people understand it. At Design Works, a big part of my job is to make sure the audience understands what’s happening.”

You can follow Kate on BehanceTwitter, and