International Artists Day: Celebrating the Union Art Gallery

Nestled behind the Info Desk, on the second floor of the Union, is the Union Art Gallery. It’s a dim, quiet corner, intended to immerse those viewing and admiring the art. The Union Art Gallery has three objectives:

Showcase the creative endeavors & artistic output of the UNT student body.
Provide students, faculty, staff, alumni, and campus visitors with meaningful encounters with the visual arts.
Cultivate skills related to exhibition, curatorial, and preparator practices for UNT students.

In 2017 alone, the art gallery has featured nine different exhibitions, with their tenth on display this week. In honor of International Artists Day, we’re reflecting on the work that has been featured in our gallery this year.

Togetherness, presented by F.O.C.U.S (Fellowship of Christian University Students)

Artists of F.O.C.U.S had their work on display in the Union Art Gallery from the end of February to mid March.

Parallel Spaces, a collaboration of art

Parallel Spaces was on display from the end of March to mid April. The exhibition was a collection from artists such as: Hannah Aaron, Leah Flook, Michelle Green, Brandon McGahey, Mani Negarestan, Josh Reyes, and Eric Dickenson

Stranger Danger, by Austin Lewis

The art of Austin Lewis was on display in the gallery in April.

(if)yunomi, by Taylor Ponzo

According to BFA student Taylor Ponzo, “(if)yunomi is a play on words, representing both traditional Japanese teacup form and the phrase ‘If you know me.'” Ponzo displayed his pottery for a solo BFA exhibition, exemplifying the breadth and depth of his talent as a potter. This exhibition went from the end of April to mid May.

Raw, presented by Parallax

Raw was put together by 15 UNT student photographers in Parallax, the UNT student fine art photography club. Their art was in the gallery from the end of May to mid June. These 15 students include: Blair Blatter, Saryna Cedillo, Katherine Curry, Paige Downs, Ryan Ellibee, JayMee Hart, Hudson Ingram, Emma Lassiter, Austin Lewis, Dang Nquyen, Abby Pfaff, Alicia Porter, Evan Sheldon, Huy Tran, and Ruben Zamora.

Gender & Medium, curated by Annalisa Giannotti with the Denton Art Gallery

This exhibition was provided by the Denton Art Gallery and curated by art history student Annalisa Giannotti. It was on display this summer.


Lifeline, by Megan Rhoby Dale

Megan Rhoby Dale’s experiential display was in the gallery at the beginning of the fall semester, from the end of August to early September.

I Have My Mother’s Eyes, a collaboration of art

I Have My Mother’s Eyes was in the gallery from early to late September. It was a collaboration of work from artists such as: Mark Coleson, Eugenia (AO) Carmona, McCall Sowers, and Marianna Seaton.

Chiaroscuro, by Amy He & Sarah Barnett

“A spectrum of tension and drama,” the works of Amy He and Sarah Barnett were on display from the end of September to the beginning of October.

brand new in box, by Kirsten Angerbaur

According to Kirsten, the exhibit was a commentary on the new UNT College of Visual Arts and Design building and the construction takes over much of campus. “New CVAD building will be a significant improvement for future students; however, at what disadvantage to current students creative environment?” This exhibition was in the gallery from early to late October.

Up in the Union Art Gallery this week is Pedagogical Ruminations, a collaboration by Ellie Ivanova, Rory Parks, Monica Barrera, Yasmin Valdez, and James Own. In honor of International Artists Day, students should stop by the art gallery and admire the work of their peers.

Reception for Pedagogical Ruminations is today (10/25/17) from 4-6PM in the Union Art Gallery

Here is a look at the fall semester. The Union Art Gallery is looking forward to three exhibits to end the year with.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 11.06.10 AM

Not only does the gallery have some great exhibits to look forward to, but they are currently looking for spring exhibit submissions! If you’re an artist and student at the University of North Texas, you are eligible to submit your solo, curated, or collaborated proposal. You can look for more information on their website.

Happy International Artists Day!

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 10.59.27 AM

Designer Profile: Michael Ryan Wood

If you don’t know what UNT Design Works is, you’re missing out. Run by Union Marketing, Design Works is a print shop that prints large and small format specialty print jobs, as well as operates as a graphic design firm. Services are available to students, departments, and the public. Design Works produces a lot of really great designs (hence the name) so we would like to take some time to profile the excellent designers we have on staff not just because they’re awesome but so you can see their past work and find insight on their personal style, should you like to hire them.


Michael Ryan Wood, Junior Communications Design Major, ENFJ, and Graphic Designer at Union Design Works

Michael’s strengths, according to Strengths Quest, are:

  1. Futuristic
  2. Strategic
  3. Activator
  4. Ideation
  5. Connectedness

“What I would consider my personal strengths are ideas and ideation. I just enjoy it a lot, and it’s one of those innate things that I think I’m good at. I would say that I have some sort of innate leadership skills, I always tend to find these leadership positions and get put into them. They’re fun, sometimes it can be stressful, but I like taking the challenge and guiding people to one vision because I think it’s really fun and rewarding to everyone. Other than that, I think just being likable and empathetic of other people and having an open mind to how everyone feels and what they believe in. That’s something I really pride myself in. Ideation is a big skill I have. I love color choices and things like that. Even though I wouldn’t call myself an illustrator, I would say that I am an illustrative designer. I think of things in an illustrative way, even when I’m doing things with typography I’m thinking about it in an illustrative way. Just explaining myself, I have been told by peers that I can really pitch something, and I think that I can. Even if I’m not 100% on a project, I can pitch it like I am.”

What songs are on your designer playlist?

  1. The Most Immaculate Haircut, Metronomy 
  2. Bloodflood pt. II, alt-J
  3. Droopy Remembers, C418
  4. Desired Constellation, Björk
  5. Laura Corporeal, Geotic
  6. XR2, M.I.A.
  7. Coat of Many Colors, Dolly Parton

What is your spirit animal?

“It’s kind of funny, I think this goes into my appearance as well, but I think it would be a Cinnamon Bear. You’ve got the outward appearance of kind of being large, and feeling like there’s a wall there, but I’m actually very open. They’re crafty, at times, and they’re just cool animals, everyone likes them.”

What is your brain food? 

It’s not a food, but I would say iced coffee is my go-to. I have to have it when I’m working. Which is actually kind of bad, because I do a lot of work at night, and it will be like 8:00 and I’ll have coffee and do work but then be up all night. It’s a good and a bad thing.”

What is your favorite color? 

“As of right now, pink. I love a hot pink. This is the pink that’s like my go-to pink: it’s like a coral that has more orange in it, and also red. So it’s like this electric-red-coral, but it’s also pink. I use it on my website, it’s what I like a lot. I like a lot of colors, but I tend to go to pink, or go to blue. In fact, one of my professors actually forbade me from using blue one semester in any of my projects, so that kind of steered me away from using blue, but I still like it. Pink is definitely my favorite though.”

What tools could you not design without? 

“The main one isn’t actually a tool. People could consider it a tool, but Google drive is my number one thing that I credit to staying organized as a designer. Tool wise, I use my Wacom table to draw, all the main software. Google drive has made my life and my well-being as a designer so much better. I would credit that, because it makes printing processes faster, it double-backs up all my files, and it has taught me a lot of organization methods as far as projects that I think are really crucial as a professional designer. It’s an over-arching tool that has helped me organize myself better, and that has showcased itself in my design.”

What’s in your bag? 

“Holy crap, there’s a lot. My backpack, I don’t use it just for school. It’s like my life bag. Everything I need is in there. My laptop is always in there, I have one folder that’s just all of my school stuff, I usually have my Wacom tablet with me, I have a charger, my laptop charger, I have rulers and circle templates, a big bag of pencils and pens, usually a magazine or a book, I have a flashlight, a first aid kit I’ve never used, a comb, it’s a lot of Utilitarian stuff that I need throughout the day. To be prepared. My favorite thing about my backpack though is that it has a built-in rain cover. It has a bottom pocket, and you pull it over, so that it protects your bag from the rain. I’ve had it for almost five years, it’s a good backpack.

What would you be if you weren’t a graphic designer? 

“If I wasn’t a graphic designer, there’s three things I could be. I think if I wasn’t doing design, I could see myself studying sociology as a profession. I don’t really know where that would take me, but I could see myself going for that as a major. Advertising and marketing is something I could do, I have some things in my head that aligned with it, but I have always also wanted to be an engineer. I’ve always been really interested in industrial design. Design and engineering have parallels. I’ve always been intrigued in it, but if I wasn’t in design I could definitely see myself going down that path.”

What is your favorite (or least favorite) typeface? 

“I love ugly typefaces. The thing I don’t like the most is uninspired typefaces. So, there’s a beauty in things like Helvetica, and really foundational, modern, types, and they can be used in really exciting ways, but like the default type faces can be used really well, but in most cases, they tend to be uninspired and badly designed. I think typography is the art of finding ways to express what you’re writing about. It’s the visual manner to showcase what you’re thinking about what you’re writing about. So there’s really good inspiration that can be taken from it, no matter where you get your type from. And so when I think that someone just uses a default or something that isn’t appropriate for the selection, that’s what irks me the most.”

What is your favorite thing about being a graphic designer?

“My favorite thing about design, wrapping up to what I’m saying about my skills, are the ideas. The ideas that go behind design, and the research that it takes, and the information that you pull, I think that’s the most exciting part of design for me. Conceptualization is definitely one of my favorite things just because there’s so much data available, online, in libraries, in books, and I love that. It’s so exciting to me. Because you can take so much information from what you have and what you are thinking about. It really helps mold what you’re doing.”

I am not afraid to pull from weird references and combine things that aren’t traditionally put together. I tend to see design and art mixed together. That’s also how I approach research and things like that. I pull from a lot of things. I pull from fine art, actual design that’s being made, ideas and things that have happened in history, and I see what can be made from it. It’s just like connect-the-dots, and I love that.  

– M.R.W.



Designer Profile: Emma Pattison

If you don’t know what UNT Design Works is, you’re missing out. Run by Union Marketing, Design Works is a print shop that prints large and small format specialty print jobs, as well as operates as a graphic design firm. Services are available to students, departments, and the public. Design Works produces a lot of really great designs (hence the name) so we would like to take some time to profile the excellent designers we have on staff not just because they’re awesome but so you can see their past work and find insight on their personal style, should you like to hire them.

Emma 4 .jpeg

Emma Pattison, Junior Communications Design Major, ENFJ Union Design Works

Emma’s strengths, according to Strengths Quest, are:

  1. Individualization
  2. Strategic
  3. Achiever
  4. Empathy
  5. Futuristic

“When I’m talking to people, I think that I can make people feel comfortable, I can make people feel like it’s under control even if it’s not actually under control. I get stressed out and I get anxious, but I can turn that off when I need to. That and also I generally don’t get discouraged easily and I don’t mind doing things over and over and over again, I’m excited about that.”

What songs are on your designer playlist?

  1. Clockout, DEVO
  2. Venus as a Boy, Bjork
  3. Laughing With a Mouthful of Blood, St. Vincent
  4. Pin, Grimes
  5. Lava, the B-52’s

What is your spirit animal?

“Definitely an otter. They get to hang out in the water all day, snuggle (they hold hands when they float), like, their lives are ideal.”

What is your brain food?

“Scrappy’s chocolate chip ice cream. It’s insanely good. I don’t even like chocolate chip ice cream on principal but there’s something specifically about Scrappy’s that I go insane over.”

What is your favorite color?

“I want to make a joke about my favorite Pantone color… I don’t have a favorite color but I love metallics. Any kind, whatever it is, give it to me, I love it. If it’s metallic and shiny, basically, if it looks like it was pulled out of the 80’s, I love it.”

What tools could you not design without?

“I need my computer, but I have to have tracing paper. It’s the best way for me to refine my ideas. I have to be able to draw sketches and make marks and stuff before I take it into the computer.”

What’s in your bag?

“I hate carrying purses and stuff, so I’m usually pretty simple. But if we’re talking about my backpack, I usually have at least a journal, my laptop, headphones, and always, for some reason, like 3 clementines — I snack on them all the time. Usually an assortment of enamel pins that I’m inter-changing throughout the week on my bag or jacket, too. I like having these little things that are goofy and make me happy to look at. My favorite is a pin based off a Renaissance painting, a little vanitas skull that’s a motivational, memento mori kind of thing for me.”

What would you be if you weren’t a designer? 

“I’d be a dancer. Maybe on Broadway… I’d be a dancer or a counselor. I like taking care of people and giving friends advice when they need it.”

What’s your favorite (or least favorite) type face? 

“My favorite typeface is Factoria. It’s this slab-serif, it’s kind of techy, and it shouldn’t be my favorite. It’s not very ‘me,’ it’s kind of masculine, but it’s very versatile. My least favorite typefaces are the ones that come pre-textured, because if you look at the characters, they’re identical. It’s so obvious that it came as a typeface, it wasn’t actually manipulated. They just look cheesy and silly, and like you don’t know what you’re doing. And, it makes me upset because it’s lazy. I hate lazy typefaces.”

What is your favorite thing about being a designer?

“I really like the puzzle aspect of it. Like, figuring out systems and stuff. But, beyond that, it’s nice to have a skill where if my friends need resumes, or help setting up a website, I can help package and promote these people I love and care about. It’s rewarding to present these people and ideas and causes I believe in in an approachable way, to use design to support others. Visual communication is really really important, especially in our culture. I think that I’m lucky to be in this discipline.”

“It’s rewarding to present these people and ideas and causes I believe in in an approachable way, to use design to support others.” – E.P.

Designer Profile: Stephanie Embry

If you don’t know what UNT Design Works is, you’re missing out. Run by Union Marketing, Design Works is a print shop that prints large and small format specialty print jobs, as well as operates as a graphic design firm. Services are available to students, departments, and the public. Design Works produces a lot of really great designs (hence the name) so we would like to take some time to profile the excellent designers we have on staff not just because they’re awesome but so you can see their past work and find insight on their personal style, should you like to hire them.



 Stephanie Embry, INFJ, Senior Communication Design Major
and Graphic Designer at Union Design Works

 According to Strengths Quest, Stephanie’s strengths are:

  1. Learner (Strategic Thinking)
  2. Input (Strategic Thinking)
  3. Restorative (Executing)
  4. Developer (Relationship Building)
  5. Individualization (Relationship Building)

“One of my strengths is being really detail-oriented. I look at things a lot, I take pictures of things all the time, or if I see something and I feel like I am going to forget it, I have to take a picture of it so I can reference it later. I like to follow a plan, even if it changes along the way. I don’t consider myself to be on the artist-spectrum of designers, cause I tend to see things in a more analytical way. I like to have a schedule and I like to feel like I have a plan for how I’m going to execute a project.”

What are some of the songs on your designer playlist?

“Africa” by Toto
“Baby Boy” by Sean Paul and Beyoncé
“Keep the Car Running” by Arcade Fire
“September” by Earth, Wind and Fire

What is your spirit animal?

“I don’t know what my spirit animal is. I like pugs. Pugs are kinda snorty, but they love everyone. I just want to have the love and energy and compassion that generally comes with dogs. Maybe corgis, they’re never angry, and they have a nice butt.”
“Ok, my spirit animal is a corgi because they have nice butts.”

What is your favorite brain food?

“Avocados with salt and pepper or salt and vinegar chips.”

What is your favorite color? 

“I don’t have a favorite color, I just have a favorite color scheme. Dusty, faded pink, and a deep, de-saturated blue, and cream. I like really feminine things in general, that’s my personal style. But all the art that I like tends to be really airy and atmospheric but it has one really bold element, or it’s a really feminine painting”

What are some tools you couldn’t design without?

“My camera. I like to look and photograph things more than I like to draw them from my own memory. My camera, the adobe suite, and then a small notebook.”

What’s in your bag?

“I always carry my laptop with me, because I have this fear that I’m gonna want to work on something and I won’t have anything with me. So I always have my laptop and my charger. I always have my earphones because I need to zone in when I work. And I always have my planner. Even when I never need to use it, I constantly have it on me. If I had to pick just one, it would be my laptop. Everything I love and need is on there.”

What would you be if you weren’t a designer? 

“If I wasn’t a designer I think I would either work for a nonprofit and be a manager of a nonprofit or I would go into counseling.”

What is your favorite typeface?

“My favorite typeface is Baskerville, because all my favorite fonts beyond that were based on Baskerville. It was a type made in the 1700’s, so it’s old, and there’s a lot that’s been made in its place. My least favorite… I feel like a lot of people would say “comic sans,” but I feel like it has its place. My least favorite is calibri, the default font on the word, and not even because I think it’s ugly, I don’t think it’s ugly at all, it’s fine, but if I see one more powerpoint with everything in default, like I’m so bored already, I can tell that they didn’t even think about it.”

Give us an “elevator pitch” for you as a designer.

“If I had to give an elevator pitch about my point of view as a designer, I guess it would be that everything is human centered design, even if you’re making something that seems like a piece of artwork, everything is experience oriented. Being a designer isn’t about making things that make you happy and make you think you made it pretty, it’s about helping someone achieve a goal that they want to achieve, because of your expertise in a field of visual language. So, I think anyone can learn it, it’s not just a talent you have, and I think if you’re smart about it, you can help people who need help and make money. You can use what you have to help people get the word out who can’t get the word out by themselves.”

What is your favorite thing about being a designer? 

“I think that because you get trained to use all the programs so quickly that if you have a really great idea, you can make it real really fast. I think a lot of people have an idea that being creative is something you’re born with and you can never learn it, but everybody in their own job has to be creative in some capacity, so I think there’s a lot of people who have a really great sense of humor or they’re great designers, they can analyze situations really well, but they can’t communicate that to a large audience because they don’t know how to make it visual.”

“I think my favorite part is being able to help people who know what they want to do, but they don’t know how to accomplish it. I can help them do the things they need to do.”-S.E.







Union Events April 18-24, 2016

Apr 13 - 24


Union Yoga: Join Liz for an hour of FREE yoga practice. Bring your own mat!
12:30 -1:00PM
Union Art Gallery

UPC Live Music Series: Open Mic Night Step up and showcase your talents!
Union Syndicate


UPC: Art Crawl Complete in a campus Egg Hunt to win prizes and enjoy some tasty treats.
Library Mall

Student Art Competition Reception Join us for the announcement of the winners of the Union Art Competition!
Union Art Gallery Wednesday


UPC Live Music Series: Shane & Emily Enjoy music with this rocking’ due and see why two is better than one!
Union Syndicate


Art House Film Series: Anomalisa
A man crippled by the mundanity of his life experiences something out of the ordinary.
Union Syndicate


UPC Presents: eARTh day! Create your own nature-inspired masterpiece in this free painting workshop! You’ll be able to bring nature indoors when you take home your canvas.
Union 333 Small Ballroom


Enjoy a drink at the new full-service Starbucks!


Prepare for another great week of classes with us!