Season 4 of #TheGreenScreen is now live!

greenscreenDENTON, Texas— #TheGreenScreen’s first episode of the 2015-16 school year is now online. Created by the UNT Union, #TheGreenScreen is a web show meant to inform students about events on campus. #TheGreenScreen has a long history at North Texas, starting in 2012 as a way to promote the University Union and provide information about UPC events and other happenings on campus. Over the course of four years, #TheGreenScreen has won many awards from the AVA Digital Awards, including a platinum award for “Scrappy Bros,” a gold award for “How the Grinch Stole the Union” and an honorable mention for “The Walking Dead” in 2015, as well as a first-place Association of College Unions International (ACUI) award for “Scrappy Bros” and third-place for “Plans & Renovations. #TheGreenScreen has also been recognized by ACUI’s “Steal this Idea” nationally and regionally. Since 2012, #TheGreenScreen has evolved into what is now a sketch comedy show. While still informing students about events, the web show will now have even more original content that relates to important current events and campus goings-on. With creator and producer Steve Meehin at the helm, co-producers, directors, and writers Shane Silagi and Freddy Mendez create exciting, ingenious, and relevant content for UNT students. Check out #TheGreenScreen monthly for new content and clever antics.

#TheGreenScreen Season 3 Episode 1: Plans & Renovations

#TheGreenScreen is back for its third season! And this year the season kicks off with an interesting twist. Students are Tweeting mean things about the new Union, and it’s up to Brooke Benefield to show the students how awesome the new UNT Union is going to be. Check out this season’s premier episode of #TheGreenScreen: Plans and Renovations

#TheGreenScreen: Freshman VS. Senior

#TheGreenScreen is back for Season 3 with new jokes, new adventures and all new info on campus life and the Union Project!

In this premiere episode our host, Laura Horn, gets ready for class and talks about events for First Flight Week! Not to mention, we play a little game on how to spot freshman vs seniors! Don’t miss it!

Also, don’t forget to come on out to the Union Groundbreaking Ceremony this Friday at noon in the Library Mall! There will be free food, live music and free limited edition t-shirts! Come help us celebrate the progress of this great university!