5 Apps To Help You In College

At times, college can be tough and overwhelming. Apps are great resources that can help alleviate any stress that comes with school. So, we’ve created a list of 5 apps we felt would be useful during your time here at UNT!

1. Mint

Being in college is like the first taste of freedom and with great freedom comes great responsibility! Especially when one of those responsibilities include money. Sometimes you might wanna hang out with friends, go out for dinner, get supplies, etc. but you can’t do that if you’ve spent all your money! This is a reason to check out Mint. Mint has made money management easy! You can set goals, get money-saving advice, track your progress, get a free credit score and report, and more.

2. Any.do

Planners are a college staple, but maybe you have trouble keeping up with a physical planner, don’t want to spend money on one, or just want an electronic version. Any.do is the perfect solution! Any.do allows you to create to-do lists, tasks, reminders, and keep a calendar.

3. StudyBlue

Rather than carrying a huge stack of flashcards and having to shuffle through all of them, check out StudyBlue! With this app you are able to create your own digital flashcards, study from them, and share them. You can also customize your study materials with images and audio. When you are done creating them, you can quiz yourself, track your progress, and even set study reminders!

4. Dropbox

With everything students have to keep stored on their laptops, it’s so easy to run out of storage. So, rather than keeping all of your homework, pdfs, e-books, etc. on your laptop, use Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud system. This means all of your files can be stored in one place, backed-up, and synced so they can be accessed wherever you are on whatever device you own! 

5. Evernote

Evernote is the full package! You can type up your notes and add to-dos, photos and images, web pages, and audio. You can even digitize handwritten notes, paper documents, white boards, drawings, and more to add to your notes. With the free version, your account can be accessed on two devices and can be shared with anyone.

We hope that from this list you found an app that could help you out! If there are any other apps you think other students could benefit from, let us know by leaving a comment!