Advice for #UNT23 From Your Upperclassmen

We collected advice from UNT upperclassmen to bring you a collected list of tips and hacks to make your experience at UNT smoother and more enjoyable! Whether you are a freshman, transfer student, or an upperclassman yourself looking for a little guidance, we hope these small pieces of advice can make a big difference.

Dealing with Setbacks or Failure

“It’s okay to fail and make mistakes. Don’t make a failed experience a wasted experience!”

“Take short mental health breaks when needed!”

“Don’t be afraid to ask the upperclassmen questions, we want to see you succeed!”

“Attend S.I. sessions!”

Getting Involved on Campus

“Have fun, be open-minded, and learn as much as you can!”

“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Join an org and meet people!”

“Get out and do things, whether it’s the many campus events or going and seeing things around Texas!”

“Get involved on campus, it’s the quickest way to make connections and friendships!”

Managing Your Classes and Finances

“Budget!! It can be intimidating to start, but it’s so worth it and you’ll thank yourself for it.”

“If you have a full day of classes, keep small HEALTHY snacks in your bag for a boost between classes!”

“Go to class!!”

“Talk to the people in your classes! Help each other out, we’re all in this together!”

“Say YES to new friendships, orgs, activities–college is a great adventure when you’re open minded!”

“Do not procrastinate! Work ahead if possible to stay on top of assignments!”

“If you have TAs, make them your best friend. Try to get your schoolwork done before 5pm every day so you can relax in the afternoon. Keep a planner and write everything down with dates and times. Always make time for lunch and relaxing.”

“Read all the materials assigned! Professors tend to use the info in the quizzes/exams!”

Making the Most of Your Time at UNT

“College life is the golden life so try to enjoy and learn as much as you can from UNT.”

“Be yourself and the right people will gravitate to you.”

“College is a time where you often feel the struggle between wanting to not be a kid and yet feeling a little afraid of adulthood. At the end of the day, you’re still a kid. You’re being faced with more responsibility than ever before, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone or without help. College should be enjoyable. So if you’re constantly stressed, afraid, or feel like at any moment the house of cards could topple that is not how you should feel. It means something is wrong and the best way to fix it is to reach out and seek help. Even telling one person, one friend/classmate, can make a difference. It doesn’t make you weak, or unable to deal with life, but seeking help for one moment of time simply makes you human. Don’t suffer alone. Believe me, there are people who want to help.”

Tips for Personal Success

“Drink water every day throughout the day.”

“Time management is key! You can have all the fun as long as you manage your time right.”

“Time can be your best friend or your enemy. You are the one who decides.”

“Find your study place! It may be Sage, Willis, the BLB…try everywhere to see what works!”

Upperclassmen are they to help you, and the majority of them are there and willing to answer any questions you may have. Who knows, you might even end up making a new friend! If you’re uncomfortable doing that, then you can send a DM to a UNT social media account and seek information/help that was as well.

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